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Pedagogical employee in Vlaardingen ASC – Vlaardinger Ambacht

Come work at 10forKIDS and show your children how to get more out of their leisure time!

What does your position look like?

You work as a pedagogical employee at the ASC with children aged 4-12 years. Our third ASC location will start in May and we are looking for employees who enjoy creating and expanding this location! We provide you with the framework and we help you build a structure and develop a varied program of activities. Are basic principle is: we do it together, you are not alone!

10forKIDS is a friendly and small-scale organization. We offer you a challenging, familiar and safe environment for both children and adults.

What do we offer you?

  • Part-time or full-time contract and the certainty of a contract with fixed hours.
  • To get your preferred number of hours, you can combine the position with hours at our shortened toddler care (same location).
  • Salary in accordance with the collective labor agreement for childcare as a pedagogical employee, scale 6 (step depending on your experience).
  • You will receive support from the pedagogical coach.
  • The location has been renovated and has a beautiful appearance, everything is new and fresh!
  • The location looks warm and cosy. You quickly feel at home at work.
  • You will be given every opportunity to show what you have to offer in terms of sports and games or other challenging activities.
  • Any extra hours (such as a meeting or a mentor meeting) are compensated in salary or time off.
  • Around the corner from our location is a shopping center, great if you can do some shopping during your break!


Location Vlaardingen Vlaardinger Ambacht

Pedagogical employee ASC
Part-time / Full-time

Heb je interesse? Reageer dan voor 7 februari via bovenstaande knop of neem contact op met Tineke Hendrikse: en 070 205 46 70. 


Kinderen de juiste zorg, liefde en aandacht bieden dat blijft voor 10forKIDS het belangrijkste.

What are we asking from you?

  • You have the right diplomas to work in childcare (if necessary, do the diploma check here).
  • We like it if you have a Christian vision of life, but it is not mandatory. If not, we ask for respect and understanding.
  • You are an enthusiastic, enterprising, approachable personality who has a great affinity with children.
  • You have a sense of humor, are flexible and like to organize workshops and (sports) activities for children aged 4-12.
  • Availability between 25.5 and 36 hours.