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10forKIDS toddler care

We think it is important that children discover what they like and what their abilities are through learning and experience. Enjoyment is more important than achievement. The toddler program is varied and offers education, theme-oriented learning, sports and games in a variety of ways and always under professional supervision.

Toddler morning program

Toddlers have their own morning program, apart from the group.

For toddlers who almost go to elementary school, 10forKIDS offers shortened toddler care, where toddlers are prepared for primary school. This program is offered in addition to regular child care and is also suitable for toddlers who are already going do day care at another place. The shortened toddler care program is only offered at our location in Vlaardingen.

The opening hours can be found at the information about our locations of The Hague and Vlaardingen.

The toddler morning program has the following activities:

Free play
Fruit & drinks
Playing outside/Gym/Playball
ABC English & Me / Crafting
Moment of rest

This is what makes 10forKIDS toddler care special

Prepares your child for school in a safe, homely environment where  challenge and play alternate.

A safe and homely environment
Learn to play together in a small scaled setting
Professional, but personally envolved
Combining play, learn, discover
Your child learns to recognise and investigate his/her own interests


The toddler program works with themes and activities that offer the necessary challenge for our children. The themes are in line with the children’s experiences. The activities are geared to each other and the development of your child. In the execution of the activities we work playfully on:
  • Biblical education
  • Language and cognitive development
  • Creative development
  • Musical development
Toddler care

ABC English & Me

The earlier children are exposed to a foreign language, the greater their chances are for fluency. ABC English & Me is an exciting mix of music and movement activities proven to help teach young children English while at play!

Created by Kindermusik International, ABC English & Me combines over 30 years of experience with the most current early language learning methodologies, aiming to make a foreign language your own. During the thematic 30 minute lessons the children hear lots of spoken English because the puppet only speaks English… The lessons are very interactive and stimulate the children to use English vocabulary and to express themselves in a lively and supportive environment. They have lots of fun in what they see and what they sing.

Our teachers are trained and qualified to give the ABC English & Me lessons. The following units are offered:

1. A Trip to the Farm
2. 1, 2, 3, Go!
3. Good Morning, Good Night
4. Hello, Teddy!
5. Leap, Frog
6. Sunny Day, Rainy Day
7. Red, Yellow, Blue
8. Moo, Quack, Neigh
9. Just Me!


Playball teaches children aged 2-4 years old the basic skills for certain types of sports. It also highlights preferences a child may have for specific sports. Building self-confidence and increasing the enjoyment of playing is very important. Attention is given to:

  • Developing ball skills
  • Developing self-confidence and independence
  • Developing motivation and perseverance
  • Increasing the fun in playing: winning and losing, it is all part of the game

Every now and then we organize parent-child lessons. Parents can participate in the class. Children really enjoy this!

“We teach the children a lot of songs. At home parents can log on to ABC English and Me and play the songs. It is great to continue the lessons together at home!”

(Elisabeth, pedagogical employee)

Want to get in touch?

Do you want to learn more about the short pre-school program at 10forKIDS Vlaardingen? Do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us by phone, or you can use the buttons below.