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It is great that you are interested in our childcare. We receive the best compliments from our children and their parents. Read on this page what our parents say about the collaboration with 10forKIDS and what 10forKIDS means for their children.


What parents tell about our childcare


Sometimes it is time to say goodbye…

And saying goodbye gets a golden touch when you receive such a beautiful message. And indeed, as one of our parents writes below, our goodbye is especially a see you again! Read the message from Annelies and Roel (the parents of one of our ASC children) here.

Dear teacher(s) of 10forKIDS, Today our daughter and with it we as parents said goodbye to you. Not because we were not satisfied, or because our daughter did not like it anymore. In fact, we have always experienced it as very nice. We brought her with you with a good feeling. Because we knew she was in good hands! If she sometimes said in the morning: I do not like a long day… even after school afterschool care… it was difficult for me to get her along when I came to pick her up…. she had not finished tinkering yet or still having fun playing… She enjoyed it! The love you gave her was amazing. She felt that, but so did we as parents. We want to thank you for that! That you were hanging out with her for a while. That you were a companion of her cheerful character. And she was allowed to enjoy everything you gave her. She goes, we go, miss you. We have always experienced a warm bond! We appreciated your involvement and would like to thank you very much for it! We say goodbye, but above all see you again, because luckily we will still meet each other… life or online. Keep up the beautiful work you are doing! Many blessings from our God in that, Dear greetings, Roel and Annelies