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Information for parents

10forKIDS offers a safe, hygienic environment for your child. In addition, we find good communication with parents indispensable. We try to be as flexible as possible, within reason.

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Sometimes you have to swap a day or request extra childcare. We are happy to discuss the options and find a solution together.

Extra day of childcare

Incidental extra care is possible provided the request has been asked in a timely manner from the location manager. Granting such a request depends on the number of children that are present at the desired time on the group.

Extra days of daycare are possible in addition to the regular days.
Extra days are incidental extra (half) days of daycare.

Swapping a day

At 10forKIDS it is possible to swap a day or half a day. You may choose any day on the condition that there is space for your child in his/her base group. A day can be swapped for a day, and half a day can be swapped for half a day.

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10forKIDS works together with Konnect to provide parents with the most modern communication system for childcare.

We believe it’s both important and pleasant to share the special and important moments of your children with you as parents.


One of the teachers will be assigned as the mentor of your child. She will follow and guide your child through his/her development and is responsible for all observations. Twice a year you’ll be invited for a mentor-meeting where your child’s development will be looked at and discussed. You may turn to your mentor with all your questions.

Observation method

The developing phases of your children are observed and followed. 10forKIDS uses a high quality monitoring system called KIJK!. The system not only focuses on the motor- and language skills, but also tests the emotional well-being of children. The results of the observations are discussed with you in a mentor-meeting.

Parent Council

10forKIDS has a parent council which carries the interest of the parents and children at heart. They have advisory power in a number of important issues, such as the educational policy, the nutrition policy and addressing the health and safety risks of the children. The parent council have regular contact with the management and a delegation of the staff.

10forPARENTS newsletter

We value communicating with our parents, so apart from the personal daily handovers by the teachers and news you read on the app, we also send out our 10forKIDS newsletters. Here you can read about our themed activities, some applicable educational information and extra activities we offer for parents and children.

Mobile app

With our app you can follow the daily routine of your children. Did they eat and drink well? How long did they sleep? And much more. We also register the personal development of your children. And of course we will send you lots of nice pictures! Personal information about your children will only be sent to you and is not visible to anyone else. Pictures will be hosted in the cloud and will not be saved on our personal devices. Via the Joyn DayCare chat it is very easy to send our teachers a message. Furthermore you will be able to apply for an extra day or request to swap a day, super easy and fast! 

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Health and safety

10forKIDS works according to the protocol Health and Safety, a method designed for the daycare. This method makes it possible to structurally guarantee health and safety at 10forKIDS.

Emergency Response and First Aid

All personnel is trained every year in Emergency Response and First Aid. We also have an annual emergency evacuation training.


We use certified furniture to decorate our interior in order to guarantee the safety of our children. 10forKIDS finds it important that furniture is of good quality and is aesthetically pleasing. 10forKIDS wants to show that the environment matters. The management cares for both the children and her personnel. A good play- and work environment brings out the best in your child as well as the staff.