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About 10forKIDS

10forKIDS provides international daycare for children whose parents want to convey a Christian worldview in the upbringing of their children. Also parents who appreciate a Christian worldview, or are neutral in this matter are more than welcome in our international daycare.

Caring for children is a big responsibility. Every child needs loving care and attention in a familiar and safe environment.

Our principles

  • Offering a homely and safe environment as well as challenging activities to learn and develop;
  • Respecting the identity, background and independence of your child;
  • Rest, Space and Regularity: time for play and interaction alternated with sufficient rest and structure;
  • Partnering with parents: raising your child is based on working with you as parent(-s).

We like to make the necessary time and space available to exchange ideas with each other.

Christian worldview

10forKIDS holds to the Christian worldview and strives to convey this worldview to the children. Reading the Bible, singing and praying is an important part of our educational policy and is part of our daily routine.

The educational policy of 10forKIDS is available, please ask for it.

More information?

Do you want to read more about 10forKids? Please download our brochure.