From working in the daycare of a care nursery I rolled into childcare. During the daytime activities I worked with children with a lower social-emotional development level. I gave them the necessary social and emotional support.

Working in childcare

Since September 2021 I have made the switch to 10forKIDS. I had to get used to the rhythm and the sometimes long working days here, but working with my colleagues and with the children are really worth it. We have a small and friendly team. Not a day goes by without a smile! The lines are short, we know where to find each other and we support and complement each other where necessary.

Till today, I do not regret my choice to work in childcare. Wonderful to get to know the children and to see and stimulate them as time goes on.

Muziek bij 10forKIDS
Verkleden bij 10forKIDS


Moving and gestures

One tool I use to do that is music. Music stimulates language and teaches you to listen. Often we also move with it and if possible we also make gestures. This is especially good for the children who do not speak yet. They learn new words by making gestures. And it is also very cozy.

The guitar teacher

For example, I play the guitar as the only teacher. The kids enjoy it when I get my guitar. There is a boy, for example, who knows that I sometimes pick up the guitar and then asks: “Are we going to play the guitar today?” It doesn’t matter what it sounds like, it is a party for the kids anyway! Often they are first allowed to make music, or rather sound, on my guitar. If I think that’s enough, we’ll sing or listen. Christian nursery rhymes like: “Jesus is the good Shepherd, Jonah and the fish, read your Bible” are often sung. We also sing many other children’s songs, such as the songs that belong to the theme of the month. And we repeat the songs for about 8 weeks, so that every child knows the song. Super nice to hear when the children recognize a song, sing along and participate by making gestures!

Esther Poolman
Pedagogisch medewerker kinderopvang & buitenschoolse opvang

Pedagogisch medewerkster Esther