Working at 10forKIDS Anna

Working at 10forKIDS

Welcome to my blog about working at 10forKIDS! I am from Poland where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Psychopedagogy and my master’s degree in Pedagogy. These diplomas are demand here in the Netherlands, which means that I can work at a daycare center, among other things. I did that for 10 years at various international daycare centers in and around The Hague. In 2019 I joined 10forKIDS. No day is the same here, of course the structure offers the necessary support.

Necessary challenge

My day cannot go wrong when I see the children walk in again, often always just as enthusiastic. It is important work when it comes to the healthy development of every child. We give our children the necessary challenge, education, self-confidence and also learn the kids to listen. Not everything can and should be done just like that. There are also rules that you have to follow. But there is nothing like a bright smile from a child when they have learned something new and then feel proud. Give them the space to play and make friends in an uncomplicated way, learn to do things independently: eat and drink, choose an activity and have a good time! I love that.

Successful day

At 10forKIDS we work in a small team where we lovingly complement each other when necessary. We also have a lot of fun with each other and also tell each other honestly what we do not like about each other. Yes it is wonderful working here I enjoy going to work every day.

Working at 10forKIDS gives me new energy and inspiration every day. I find that a day has been successful when children have done or achieved something that is beyond their own expectations. To see them beaming so proudly…. What could be better than that?

Anna Gerritzen
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