Don’t you know what to do? Read a book!

Don’t you know what to do? Read a book!

Reading books you cannot start early enough with it. The sooner the better because by reading you work imperceptibly on many skills such as: improving your concentration, it trains your memory and it enriches your vocabulary and it helps you to learn to understand what you are reading.. That is quite a lot! But we are not there yet, did you know that reading helps children to better place and understand their own feelings and emotions? They read about it in the books and experience recognition and then think: I have that too or that is how I feel. That is sometimes very nice for children, they feel heard and seen through a silent book … It is also safe because you can also entrust a book with a lot by moving in the experience of the book you enter a different world, where you choose to be there at that moment.

Reading together

How can you as a parent help to encourage your child to read books? Well, quite simply by reading a book with them first. By reading aloud, the child learns to speak the language even better. Listening is often also understanding and with difficult words you can occasionally ask what your child understands. It can become a fun game… Reading aloud helps the child, once he reads a book himself, to absorb and understand the words even better. In this way, it trains your child’s vocabulary unnoticed. By pronouncing the words well and by articulating the words well, your child will be able to read and understand these words faster while reading on their own.

Lezen is leuk
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Lezen is leuk


Imagine yourself in other worlds and situations

When a child starts to love reading, he or she gets an extra experience, he or she can move faster in other people’s feelings (empathic ability is trained) and he or she can also put himself in other worlds and situations… what a wealth! Children get so much creativity and imagination with reading..

Reading is boring…. Well we know better… 😉

Favorite book

Finally, I would like to suggest a book that I personally enjoy reading aloud at our daycare. The book is full of humor and it increases the interaction with the listener, it is called: “Watch out! A crocodile”

In this book, the crocodile is lost. Oh no… can you help find the way back home? The reader of the book can do this well by letting the book move, shaking and by following the lines with the finger. The book is full of humor and beautiful illustrations. It is not scary for children and the humor even makes you very happy. Children can fantasize wonderfully and they learn about shapes, seasons and feelings without noticing. That is great isn’t it? This book is great for children aged 4 years and older. Sometimes younger is also possible.

Nicola O’Bryrne has written more fantasstic books for children such as: “Beware this book bites” or: “The rabbit, the dark and the cookie jar” or the book: “Use your imagination.”

Have fun reading!

Anna Gerritzen 
Pedagogisch medewerkster
Blokkenbouwers (0-4 jaar) en Wiskids (4-12 jaar