My day as a pedagogical employee

My day as a pedagogical employee
(also called teacher, júúúf or teacher teacher”)

It has now been 3 years since I changed jobs. From working in care for disabled to working in childcare. A choice I have not regretted to this day!

I would like to show you what makes my work in childcare so exceptionally special! Come and join me for a day:

At 07:00 I am present at my group. Together with my colleague, we are preparing everything for the arrival of the children. We make a cup of tea, see which children are coming, prepare the activities and start the daily cleaning. Yes, exactly at 07:00 the first children of the daycare and the pre-school are already on the doorstep! Here in Vlaardingen the parents start working early! Every child reacts in its own unique way: One is very excited to see me, the other has to wake up and get used to it. We start quietly with each other, and get used to the day. Some children have yet to eat, others are going to play in the corners. We read a book or play a game at the table. Often a pleasant start to the day.

Team Vlaardingen

All children are present. We sit together in a circle or at the table for a fruit moment. We begin the day by singing songs and greeting each other. When I look around me, I see happy and satisfied faces. Everyone is excited again! We often read the theme book at the end of the fruit moment. Then we start crafting, we do the activity that belongs to the day in the theme.

10:00 a.m.:
Let’s play outside. I enjoy seeing what game the kids come up with every time. For example, there are often breakdown cars on the road and kids are shouting loudly for help or houses are being built with carpets. With pawns kids are working on the road or treasures are being sought in the sandbox.

Gezonde lunch
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11:00 am We go back inside. Time to make sandwiches and have a good lunch. The best idea is to let the children make their own sandwiches, because those are the most creative sandwiches. After we have sung the “Our Father” together, everyone sits down to eat. We end the meal by reading from the Bible and singing a song to give thanks. After lunch, the toddlers from the toddler morning go home again.

12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.: Moment of rest. The young children are sleeping, the older toddlers are allowed to play a game or activity at the table or on the couch. It is nice that at these moments you can give a little more one-on-one attention to the older children. You can make a more difficult puzzle together, clay beautiful dolls, lay down a car track without the toddlers running off with the pieces and there is even more to come up with. It is wonderful to see the toddlers enjoying being ‘grown up’. Babies are also often awake around this time, where they can cuddle or give them a snack or bottle with attention.

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3:00 PM: We sit around the table for an afternoon snack. Everyone likes a tasty cracker, some vegetables or a corn waffle. It is nice to see that most children learn to eat a varied diet through what we offer. Healthy food comes first, something that parents are happy with, but so am I as a teacher. 

15:30 and 18:00: play with each other in the corners, play games at the table, when the weather is nice we go outside a lot or we go to the gym. We play role-playing games that match with the theme, do exercise games, listen to music and have fun together. In short, fun until the end!

I love this job so much because no day is the same with children. They teach me to think creatively, stimulate me to look for the child in myself and to play with them and let me see the world through their eyes. As teachers we can take care of these children, take them by the hand and above all teach them who Jesus is. I think that is the greatest privilege of this work. And besides singing songs, reading the Bible, and talking about it with the kids, I try throughout my life to be an example of who He is. And how beautiful is it that the children ask you if they can sing “Jesus is the Good Shepherd”? That is what we do together!

Willemijn Poot
Pedagogisch medewerker Blokkenbouwers (0-4 jaar)

Pedagogisch medewerkster Willemijn

Compliment Management:

You made a very nice decision Willemijn! We see that you come into your own in this environment. You give the children a lot of support by giving them lots of compliments and by being attentive. When a child needs just that little bit extra, you can feel it. Great and you also have a lot of pedagogical knowledge which you share with your colleagues. Also nice to have! You are a good and rich addition for the team of 10forKIDS!