Working at 10forKIDS Mirjam

work pleasure

I enjoy working with 10forKIDS in Vlaardingen since October 2018. What I like about working at 10forKIDS is that they have a Christian foundation and that you pass that on to the children during your work. We pray with the children in the circle in the morning, before lunch and at the end of the day. In the themes we always involve a Bible story that is read aloud and we regularly sing a psalm.

Tasks that suit you

Among the colleagues we decide who has which tasks. So everyone chooses what they like best and can usually do well. We can make the daily schedule ourselves and adjust it if we notice that something is not working or that a different order is better.

Lezen bij 10forKIDS
Lezen bij 10forKIDS
Lezen bij 10forKIDS


We know all the kids

We are at a Christian school in one building. Many of the children who have attended with us continue on to this school and then come to our ASC. That way you see the children grow! The themes are put together by ourselves, we try to go along with the school, but that is not always possible. It is a small location, so all the pedagogical staff know all the children. That is also nice if one of the teachers is on holiday, because the replacement is no stranger to the children.

A nice team

Furthermore, I am very pleased that all my colleagues are religious. That immediately creates a certain bond. I really enjoy working at 10forKIDS and if you are still looking for great work and nice colleagues in childcare, I would definitely recommend 10forKIDS. There is also a location in The Hague.

Mirjam van Rheenen
Pedagogisch medewerkster Blokkenbouwers (0-4 jaar)

Pedagogisch medewerkster Mirjam

Compliment: Management

How beautifully said Mirjam! We are delighted that we can use you as a versatile talent at 10forKIDS. You can go crazy with the little ones who then have to laugh about you! The older children see you as the teacher who knows what to do with everything. You just have that talent, you can put yourself very well into the world of a child. They quickly find their way to teacher Mirjam. It is great that you have been with us for four years. We hope to enjoy your talents for a long time to come.