Reading with Bobbi!

Reading is fun and also very educational!

I have been asked to share my experience with you about reading to children, which I like to do with the children at work. It’s fun and also very educational. Why? Because reading is very important for the language development of the children. By reading aloud, the child hears his own language and automatically stores the words. Being able to listen attentively also increases your ability to concentrate. While reading, you can check whether the child understands what you are saying by having them point to things. That is the passive vocabulary, they do not have to be able to name it themselves. If they start saying it themselves, it’s part of their active vocabulary (all the words a person uses).

The text rhymes

That is why we like to read books at 10forKIDS every day at our daycare and toddler care. These can be booklets related to the theme, but also booklets on request (children choose themselves). I like to read Bobbi’s books (by Ingeborg Bijlsma and Monica Maas). Firstly, because they are themes that almost every child has to deal with. Second, there is very little text on a page and it rhymes! The drawings are simple and recognizable. And in the books the same hugs, father and mother and so on, keep coming back.

Boeken lezen
Boeken lezen



These books are also good to read if Dutch is not your native language, because it is Dutch for beginners. Do not forget to read books to your child in your own language. Maybe the same book, so you can practice Dutch (children’s books are a good way to increase your own vocabulary as well).


If you have few books at home, you can (fortunately you can now) join the library and get books there. Children up to the age of 18 can join the library for free.


Another tip when you name things for your children: always use the articles! The articles in Dutch are: de, het and een. And for practice it is best to use “de” and “het”, because “een” can be used for any word. A few examples: the table, the book, the chair.

If you are not sure which book to choose, you can always contact us to find out which books are suitable for your child.



Mirjam van Rheenen
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