Celebrating a holiday at home: this is how you make it fun!

Celebrating a holiday at home: this is how you make it fun!

Celebrating a holiday at home? Of course you have to make it a party… And I would like to tell you some tips how you can do that very well. It is a party for children, but you will be surprised how much fun you get from doing it just a little differently than usual… at home! Here are the best tips for activities in and around the house, so that time together is full of fun and adventure!

  • List with activities Start the holiday by making an activity list with the children. Take a large piece of paper and tell the children to list anything they like. That list is intended in such a way that there is never time during the holidays to get bored or that nothing can be thought of. Make nice matching drawings, and hang it in a visible place.
  • The ultimate holiday atmosphere Create a holiday atmosphere in the house and garden, decorate the house with a garland or homemade lights, make it summery and cosy.
  • Playgrounds! Find new playgrounds. Looking for places where mud, sand, water and lots of adventures can be experienced? Search for: ‘nature playground’ on the internet.
  • Theme day Organize a theme day with a holiday country theme. For example France. Make croissants for breakfast, turn on some French music, make beautiful pasta crafts, and make your own pizza for dinner.
  • Camping in your own garden Camp in your own garden, who would not want this? If you do not have a garden, make a tent in the living room with mattresses, blankets, etc. Unpack, put up hanging lamps, put down chairs. Play games and eat good food on the floor. Make a campfire and let the kids roast sausages or marshmallows. A popcorn pan is also very nice.
  • Have a picnic Go on a picnic, fill a basket with goodies, bring a rug and find a nice place where the children can play. It is even more fun to do it at night. Is the weather not good? On a rug in the living room or under the table is also very nice.
  • Looking for animals Look for bugs in the yard or park nearby. Catch them with a jar, take a good look at them and name what you see. How many legs and wings does it have? Which colour? What would this beast do?
  • Pieter Kabouterpad Walk a gnome path / walking route, these are nice routes in terms of length for the children, and they remain enthusiastic to look for a new gnome every time. In the meantime, enjoy the nature around you.
  • Pick fruit Go and pick some fruit, vegetables or flowers from local farmers and gardeners.
Themahoek vakantie bij 10forKIDS
Leeshoek bij 10forKIDS
Themahoek vakantie bij 10forKIDS


  • ICE CREAM! Make ice cream yourself, because they are much tastier 😉
  • Day of the child Let the children determine everything for one day, for example what will eat, where you will play or what clothes you should wear.
  • Playdates Arrange playdates with friends or family. The children will have fun together, and you can have a nice coffee in the sun.
  • Building with mess Do activities at the table that you normally don’t do so quickly. Such as playing with shaving cream, making slime or sand or large craft constructions.
  • Insect hotel Make an insect hotel, there are many instructions on the internet how this can be made.
  • Build your own boat Fold cardboard or make boats with wood and find a pond to let them sail.
  • The stray bookcase Pick out books for a stray bookcase, and take a new one with you.
  • Mother and daughter day Organize a beauty afternoon with your daughter, paint the nails, apply a mask and do your hair together.
  • Pajama day In between, take a pajama day and enjoy a day of taking it easy. Or… will it still be a pillow fight?
  • Playing in the rain! It rains? Just go play outside! Find the biggest puddles and let them stomp and run. 
  • Bare feet day Find a barefoot path nearby and walk it with your kids. Isn’t there one nearby? You can also make this yourself. Prepare different containers with different textures. A container with wood chips, mud, sand, plank, stones, grass, etc. Set out a course that you can walk, and experience the different structures under your feet together.
  • Making paintings Let the children make beautiful paintings outside with water. Give them a brush and a bucket of water and let them paint on the fence, shed or sidewalk.

Well I think I have made quite a few suggestions and I think there are probably a few nice ones for you. I wish you all a holiday full of new adventures and especially many new memories together.

Willemijn Poot
Pedagogical employee Blokkenbouwers (o – 4 years)

Pedagogisch medewerkster Willemijn