Two little teary eyes looking at me expectantly. A smile appears briefly on his face. I wonder what’s going on in that little head? What would he like?

He received a clean diaper, played well, drank a nice full bottle and had plenty of attention. What does he want? Is he tired? Is he in pain? Did I miss something? Still nice to swaddle and hopefully be able to create the safe warm feeling to put him to bed like this.

Unfortunately, he does not want that either. I pick up a very angry baby from the bed and he looks at me indignantly with the look of: How can you? The thought comes to me: what do you really want? I take him and cradle him and hold him against me. The jerky crying turns into a calm. The little one is in my arms is close to my chest. You hear a sigh of relief as his eyes close.
I think how dependent a baby is on us grown-ups. How fragile and small he is. How he prefers to be in the arms of the people he trusts.
I also think, how beautiful it is that we as children of God can take refuge in Him. That when everything around us is too much; work, taking care of a family, illness, perhaps mourning, we may find comfort in God’s arms. That we may know that He carries us then, that He is our safe Shelter where we may rest. And that we can resume our tasks with new strength. And that we may also tell our children who God is what God wants to be for them.

What an important task God has given us to care for children!

Willemijn Poot
Pedagogisch medewerkster Blokkenbouwers (0 – 4 jaar)
en Melissa Kooijman

Pedagogisch medewerkster Willemijn