The basic needs of every child

A while ago I heard about a test that was done with two different plants. In the study, two identical plants were placed in the same place under the same conditions. The plants were given the same nutrition, the same soil and the same amount of water. Then the result should be the same, right?

The only difference between the two plants was that one plant was told positive, uplifting words every day. He heard from the caregiver what potential he saw in him. That he would bear fruit and grow up strong. He received compliments such as: you are beautiful! The caretaker told the plant every day that he loved it, that it made the heart of the caretaker happy and proud. The developments at plant one progressed by leaps and bounds and after a month the plant even started to have flowers.

The other plant, on the other hand, was told nasty words every day. He was told that he fell short and he could still be better if he did now. The caretaker told him that he did not like the plant. The disappointment he felt every time he saw the plant. After a month the plant was as good as dead.

Plant 1 heard words of praise and plant 2 heard critical and negative words. This reminded me of the Bible verse: Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

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What does this mean? We as educators have a responsibility to raise a child in the most positive environment possible. So that a child feels loved, trusted and safe. The basis of every human being and therefore children is: LOVE.

Only when that basis of love is there, a child can develop. Every child wants to be seen, to be affirmed and be loved. Every child craves friendly eyes, friendly touch and kind words.

What can we learn from this? That we watch our words. That is the lesson the Bible teaches. If I speak well than I can reap positive results. If I speak negatively, I will reap negative fruits. I think we as educators can learn from that. The great thing is that we can start today!

The challenge of every educator is: Encourage a child every day, tell them you love them. Hug it every day and make sure your eyes are filled with joy and pride.

Willemijn Poot
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en Melissa Kooijman

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