What do we help parents with?

What do we help parents with?

Taking your child to a childcare not only has the advantage that you can work as a parent yourself, but this has several positive sides.

As a parent, you love your child dearly and will do anything to make it happy. You let your coffee get cold when your child needs you. You are also there for your child at night if he or she has had a scary dream, for example. In short, you are on 24/7. To be fair, it is sometimes nice if you can hand over your child to professionals who take care of your child, so that you can focus on something else for a while. For example, you can do your work. Although it takes energy to work, it will also give you new energy to pick up your child at the end of the working day and be there for him/her.

In the past year, many parents have also experienced what it is like to have to work with your child(ren) around you. That must have been a challenge sometimes. I think that is why we appreciate it all even more if we can take our children back to daycare.

It has several advantages…

If you as a parent have questions about the development of your child, you can also contact the pedagogical staff here. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to speak with someone who knows your child and a listening ear is enough. In other respects, the pedagogical staff will look at your child and your concerns with you and together we can see whether something should be done about it.

If you have questions about your child in other areas, we would like to think along with you. We see your child play in a group and can therefore answer your questions about the social-emotional development of your child.

We also have a mentor meeting with you as a parent twice a year. Every child has its own mentor. The mentor keeps track of everything around your child, such as small details, but also your birthdays. The mentor observes your child’s development using an observation system. In this way we keep an eye on whether the development is going in the right direction. This observation is discussed during the mentor meeting, which is every six months. As a parent and pedagogical employee you have the time to talk to each other about all matters that you and we consider important regarding your child.

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Standards and values

When it comes to your standards and values, we are reasonably in line with you here. I think you looked at this when choosing a daycare. In this way we take these values ​​and norms into account in the education of the children. We help you raise your child. It is all in the little things. We try to set a good example for your child when it comes to saying ‘thank you, please, will you help me’.

Eating new food

Seeing food makes eating… this is a subject that we as pedagogical staff often talk about with parents. Children sometimes find it difficult to learn to eat (new) things. We often speak to surprised parents when we tell them that a child has enjoyed, for example, the bell pepper. “He/she does not eat that at home.” We notice this because we offer vegetables / fruit / spreads, etc. to the children every time. This gives children the opportunity to taste something every time. Not only the opportunity to taste it, but also to see that other children enjoy the new food, is often the deciding factor.

We have a parent app in which we, as pedagogical employees, keep track of your child’s daily schedule. We will fill this in extensively until your child is 1.5 years old. A child around that age often deviates from a fixed schedule because, for example, the child sleeps two or more times a day. We also keep track of this because the child is still learning to eat bread, fruit and vegetables. After 1.5 years we see that most children have a fixed rhythm in terms of eating, drinking and sleeping. From that moment on, we will only send you stories and photos of the day for that reason. If there are any details about sleeping/eating and drinking, we will always send you a message or tell you personally when you pick up your child.


A small piece of text about the parent app itself. As a parent, it is nice to get an overview of your child’s schedule, so that you as a parent know what your child needs for the rest of the day. But it is really nice to get pictures of your child and to see how much fun he/she is having. If you have any questions on the day itself, you can send us a message via the parent app. We can send you a reply.

We also have our own telephone on each group where we can be reached. This way you can easily reach us if you need us quickly. The lines are short around the care of your child. We like to do it together!

Social contacts

What is also nice about childcare is that your child learns to interact with other children. Throughout the day, it can interact with other children. Your child learns to play together and share toys in a safe environment. That is not easy for a child to learn. We try to teach your child as much as possible where necessary. Every child learns to be ‘social’ by watching other children or trying for themselves how it all works. That takes trial and error, but that is how we all learned it, right?!

In short, you are not alone in raising your child(ren). We are happy to help where you want or need it. We try to be in line with you in raising your child. To do this, we as pedagogical employees must maintain a good dialogue with you. Exchanging information from both sides to come to an agreement is beneficial for the well-being of your child.

Elisabeth Kok – Moerman
Pedagoog en leidster bij de Stampers 0 – 4 jaar