Getting used to childcare

Adjustment moments

You will soon start a new job, your maternity leave is almost over or you might choose a few nice moments for yourself. There are various reasons for enrolling your child in childcare. Your child will soon start at our childcare. Exciting if it might be the first hours without your little one close to you. You possibly bring your child to the daycare center with a lump in your throat.  Bag with clothes in hand. Or maybe it is nice to have a moment for a good book and a nice cup of coffee?

Your child will start quietly with us during the first few weeks. We have prepared a special adjustment policy for this, which you can read here. We offer a number of short, fixed adjustment moments that start when your contract starts.

To get an idea of the adjustment moments, we have made an example schedule below:

  • Adjustment moment 1: 10.00-11.00 am, intake interview
  • Adjustment moment 2: 08.45 -10.45 pm, getting used to the group
  • Adjustment moment 3: 08.45-11.30 am, getting used to the group
  • Adjustment moment 4: 08.45 am-13.00 pm, getting used to the group
  • Adjustment moment 5: 08.45 am-15.00 pm, getting used to the group

The total adjustment period is usually between two and four weeks. Maybe it would be nice to take this into account at work? This way you can also get used to taking your child to daycare.

Intake interview and mentor

Prior to the adjustment moments, you will have an intake interview with your child’s mentor. You can discuss your child’s specifics. For example: what is your child’s sleep rhythm? When can we give food? What does your child like to play with?

During the adjustment moments, we think it is important to build a good relationship with your child. Your child may get used to childcare a little faster than the number of hours we suggested. The mentor will discuss this with you. It may also be that your child needs a little longer time to get used to go to daycare. You can always contact your child’s mentor if you have any questions.

We try to support you in your education. Also if you need questions or tips, for example: Your child may find it difficult to eat new things. The mentor is happy to give some tips about this.

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Watch along

Through our parent app from Konnect you can secretly watch what your child is experiencing with us. The teachers will send a message, photos, videos and you can also send them a message yourself if you have a question.

Age difference

Children start with us at different ages. Each age requires its own approach. We try to support you in this as much as possible. For example, a child of 1 year and older will take a little longer to get used to childcare than a baby of 3 months old. Children can become introverted around this age. They would like to be with mom or dad. They are not yet that far in their development to be able to realize that daddy and/or mommy always comes back to take them home.

We advise parents who would like to choose to bring their child to daycare around the age of 1 to start earlier if this is possible. It is also possible with us, for example, to start childcare with two mornings from 6 months on. At the moment that the phase starts when children gets introverted or shy, your child is already completely used to the teachers, the children and the group. That is very nice for your baby. As a parent, you can also calmly get used to bring your child to us. You also have a moment to yourself to relax.

Tips from the teachers

  • Is saying goodbye to mom and dad difficult? Keep the goodbyes short. Tip: create a fixed ritual to say goodbye. For example: take off the coat and shoes, give a kiss, let the child walk towards us / give the child to us, wave and walk away to the door. With this, your child knows where he stands every time. The child also learns to understand that you will come back to pick them up. This ritual can help you get used to it.
  • Give a cuddly bear or something else from home. Children really enjoy having something familiar (that smells like home) with them on their first days of daycare.

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Alida Stam (Management assistent)