Getting used to the ASC

First time at the after school care

It is exciting for everyone to meet a new group of people for the first time. This is also exciting for children. Usually children go to school for the first time and also go to after-school care for the first time. Those are pretty big changes. That is why we always pay a lot of attention to a child who is new to the group. Both for the children who move on from the daycare center and for the older children who come to us new. We provide an appropriate adjustment period for children who are new to 10forKIDS and also for children who already attend our daycare. Our pedagogical staff are happy to guide the children in this. Your child’s mentor will contact you beforehand by telephone to get to know you and to receive some information about your child. E.g. which toys your child likes to play with. This is good for us to know. We can for example ensure that these toys are ready on the first days of the adjustment period. Super nice for a child to see something they like to play with right away. We also like to know how your child reacts in new situations, does he or she easily make contact with other children, or can our teachers help with that? What does your child prefer or not prefer to eat? Then we provide an alternative. It can sometimes be exciting for children and with this information we can support your child extra.

How does an afternoon like this work?

  • During the circle, after school, it is time to get to know each other better. The children introduce themselves to your child and there is an opportunity to ask each other questions. Sometimes children already know other children of our ASC from school or another association. If we know that, we ‘bring’ the children together.
  • During the first adjustment moment, the parent walks from school to 10forKIDS. It is nice to be at the ASC for the first time with mom or dad.
  • One of the teacher (if possible the mentor) shows the child the group.
  • After the circle discussion and reading the diary, it is time to pray. Together we like to bring our worries and joys to God.
  • Then the children go outside to play or choose an activity to do inside or outside.
  • And.. before you know it the afternoon is already over!
spelen op de BSO bij 10forKIDS


Usually children feel quite at ease after two adjustment days. Sometimes getting used to the after school care goes very well and sometimes it takes a little longer to get used to it.

When a child has a brother/sister at the ASC, it may just be that your child feels completely at ease from the first moment. Because they already know the ASC, they soon hop outside with the other children, or they go inside with the other children to do crafts. We as teachers love to see that the children feel at ease so quickly. And when a child has a bit more trouble, we like to give an extra hug.

Konnect app

We will keep you well informed during the adjustment period. We do this, among other things, with our ‘Konnect parent app’. We can send you messages, photos or videos. You can always give us a call to ask how things are going.


If you have any questions, you can always contact your child’s mentor. She is your fixed point of contact and follows your child in his/her development. We think it is important that both you and your child get a nice second home.

Alida Stam – Honders 
Management assistent

Alida Stam (Management assistent)