Working at 10forKIDS Marielle

Working at 10forKIDS Marielle

Six years ago I started at 10forKIDS in The Hague.

At the time, I was training to become a pedagogical employee (level 3) and was looking for an internship. That’s how I ended up at 10forKIDS. I did an internship at the Stampers group (0-4 years). I noticed that the atmosphere was very nice, I also really liked the contact with the children and the parents.

After my education, I did substitute work for all groups during the summer holidays. In September I started the training pedagogical employee level 4, working and learning. I was working at the Hoogvliegers group (the toddler group) and the Verkenners group (after school care). This was also very fun and educational. I liked the combination: that I was able to follow a training course and that I was a teacher on the group.

The toddler group organized many indoor and outdoor activities. Themes are well developed here with a very varied day program. Sports and game activities, both indoors and outdoors, receive a lot of attention. Playball lessons are given weekly. These lessons are given in English, you notice that the children pick this up very quickly. You see the children enjoying themselves. Really nice to see.

At the ASC the children get a lot of personal attention. This is also possible at 10forKIDS because the groups are not very large. We also did a lot of creative activities here. We once made a marble run, a car that could drive by means of a balloon, etc. We also made nice trips during the holidays: to the Omniversum, or by tram to Sea life, or on foot to Planet Jump.

The mentor conversations (sitting down with your child) that you can have at the ASC is very nice. The children build a bond with you, and tell you everything they run into at that moment, or what they like. This makes that you know the children very well. If they are sometimes angry or sad, they know where to find the teachers.

Lezen op de kinderopvang
Marielle Visser - de Peinder pedagogisch medewerkster Blokkenbouwers 0 - 4 jaar
Lezen op de kinderopvang



In August 2017 a new location was opened by 10forKIDS in Vlaardingen. I was allowed to run the group independently from the very first moment. In the beginning we only had 2 children in the group. The ASC and toddler care were also opened in 2018.

In Vlaardingen we also offer the children a challenging and active program. That is something 10forKIDS is really good at. Many activities are organized. We do math, English, language, music, exercise or games. There is also a beautiful outdoor playground here. The Heempark is just around the corner, great for taking the kids to the playground or greeting the animals that roam around.

The small-scale team in Vlaardingen is very nice and friendly. Everyone has an opinion and you are listened to. We are open to each other and indicate what is going well, and what we can do differently next time.

Would you also like to experience what it is like to work at 10forKIDS?! Then come and apply quickly! 😊

Love, Marielle

MariĂ«lle Visser – de Peinder
Pedagogical employee at the Blokkenbouwers 0 – 4  year

Pedagogisch medewerkster Marielle

Compliment Management:

Marielle you once started as an enthusiastic intern and have been with us for six years now! Your enthusiasm and love for the children is very contagious. Your preference is for children aged 0-4, but we also see that you have a nice bond with the older children. That is probably also because the kids feel so good that you are real, genuine. You always have a good word for the kids. Correcting children in a patient but also very clear way is a skill that you master well. The children know with you: yes I have to relax for a while and you will soon get a hug again! Nice to see. You are going to stay a while, aren’t you Marielle? We are happy with you!