Working at 10forKIDS

Working at 10forKIDS

9 years ago I started at 10forKIDS. I worked for 5 years as a pedagogical employee at the Wiebeltenengroep, with children from 0 to 4 years old. After that I followed the Schoevers training and during my study I started as management assistant at 10forKIDS. I still enjoy doing that.

Personal qualities and talents

Working in the group and in the office is very varied. No two days are the same,  it is never “boring”. There is always something to do. I am mainly concerned with the planning of children and colleagues, give tours to new customers and answer questions from parents and colleagues and translate text documents. In all activities we look at your personal qualities and talents. I find that very valuable. You mainly do what you are good at, in every function you have with us. The team at 10forKIDS is very involved, young, warm and enthusiastic.


We have weekly meetings at the office. We discuss administrative matters, but we also look at where we can grow and we work together on small projects. An example of such a project is: how can we give parents a good idea of ​​our childcare during a tour? I like that a lot. Analytical thinking, new ideas, you name it … your input is highly appreciated at 10forKIDS. There are also meetings at the groups. Your voice is important in this. We are curious about your experience, tips, tricks and insight into our daily practice and for the care of the children.

The children are our top priority

The children are our top priority. The teachers do all kinds of fun activities: creative, sports and games, English, gardening, inventing at the after school care, playing in our green schoolyard and so on. This can also be seen from my office window. Children occasionally knock on the window to have a chat. This way you are involved with the children in every way. Both at administrative and socially.

Alida Stam – Honders
Management assistant

Alida Stam (Management assistent)

Compliment management

Alida you have been working with us since the start of 10forKIDS in 2012. First on the groups and then as our mainstay in the management tasks in the field of organization and policy. You often come up with creative solutions and we are helped out again! Very nice to work with you. You are a hard worker, but you also know how to relax at the right time. The bond with the children remains, even if you are no longer a teacher on the groups. They really enjoy your jokes and the personal attention you give them. Just like us, haha! Super cool to keep building 10forKIDS together with you!