Christian vision of life in practice at the ASC

Christian vision of life in practice at the ASC

In this blog we follow the after school care for an afternoon. I would like to tell you how we work with faith here at 10forKIDS.


The children are almost out of school. In preparation for their arrival, we prepare food and drinks for the kids. This is often fruit and sandwiches. The children are often quite hungry after a day at school and they eat a few sandwiches with ease! We discuss with colleagues throughout the afternoon what activities we will be doing and what we can already do in preparation for this. We often also ask for a blessing for the afternoon.


Upon entering, we first make contact with each child by greeting them. During the walk-in moment, we try to ask everyone how they are doing and what they have experienced at school, for example. In the meantime, there is enthusiastic football and a tap game being played outside. Inside, a few children are sitting on the couch reading comics. Lego is being built in a corner and in the hallway a group in dress-up clothes is playing a play.


The children clean up the toys and find a place in the circle. I read from the special children’s bible. Many children who come to our after-school care are not used to listen to a Bible story at home. Yet they are often curious about the stories and some nevertheless know quite a bit about it. Today’s story is about Jesus, the good shepherd. The story comes with a few questions. A child answers who is meant by the shepherd. A boy spontaneously explains that the shepherd finds the lost sheep so important that he leaves the other sheep in the stable and goes looking for them. We talk a little more about what Jesus wants to teach us with this story. This month we use a prayer calendar. Today we are going to pray for the families. I ask the children what kind of people belong to a family. They call grandpas, grandmas, aunts, uncles, dads and mums. A girl wants to pray out loud for it and we all pray with us. I close the prayer by thanking the Lord for all the children of the ASC. A boy tells that he learned a song about this story at school. Most of the children seem to know the song and would like to let us hear it. Magnificent! It is a pleasure to listen to their beautiful voices. We eat fruit and close the circle with a fun circle game: “Imitate my movement.”

End of the afternoon

There is still a lot of fun outside to play, tinker and build with blocks, before the first children are collected. What a pleasant and relaxing afternoon it was together!

Agnes Kneefel
Pedagogisch medewerkster BSO

pedagogisch medewerkster Agnes