At 10forKIDS we like to mention positive behavior of the children. Our pedagogical policy includes the heading: admire, criticize and correct. I would like to comment on the part: admire. What is admiring good behavior and how do we express this? Read with me!

Admiring is the concrete naming of positive behavior in a child. Admiring good behavior in a child has a stimulating effect and the child feels very well that it has done something right.

How do we admire?

Naming desired behavior is one thing. Giving compliments is also a good example. A good example is describing what you see or feel as a teacher (educator): “I see that all the toys are in the box again, it is very neat in the classroom!” “I see you helping a child putting on a coat, helping each other is nice!”

There are many ways to give compliments. We find the experience that the child gains during free play and targeted activity especially important. We focus on the process and that stimulates their our own creativity. As a teacher, we see during the activity what the child likes to do and in which area their talents lie.

Fun comes first

It is especially important for the child to enjoy it. In that case, it is not about the end product. During the activity you can admire again by naming what you see: “I see that you have drawn shapes and used the colors red, yellow and purple.”

By positively naming what you see in behavior and activity, the child also feels seen, which in turn is important for the child’s self-confidence. This is also a lot of personal attention for the child.

Personal attention

Personal attention for the child is a right of children. They need this and we give it with much love. Be really there for the child, to listen and to respond and to take feelings seriously. How do we do that at 10forKIDS? Giving real attention means that we are really present for the child. We do this by responding and acting on what the child needs, seeing the need. Also to have conversations with them and to cuddle them. Playing a game together and giving one-on-one attention. Also by giving children input during activity, hearing ideas and implementing them together. Does the child prefer to cut rather than tear during the craft? That is possible, we provide the materials they need.

In this way we give you a look at how we at 10forKIDS stimulate the development of personal competences such as self-esteem, self-confidence, creativity and flexibility. By lovingly admiring our dear children every day!

Dominique Neuteboom
Pedagogical employee at the ASC
& pedagogical coach