Playing outside means running and shouting

Playing outside means running and shouting!

At 10forKIDS we think it is important to have the same daily routine. When the weather is good, we try to go outside twice a day. In the morning, after the fruit moment and in the afternoon after the snack. When it is time to go outside, we take all the children to the hallway where we put on the coats and shoes. This is an activity in itself. All children come along, we take the babies with us in the stroller. The smaller children still need a lot of help, but the older children can already do a lot themselves.

Self-reliance is important

The children learn to put on their own coat independently with a handy trick. The jacket is placed on the floor with the inside facing up. The child must stand at the hood / collar of the jacket. The child can put the arms through the sleeves and put the jacket on over their head. Putting on a coat is part of the development of a child’s self-reliance. Self-reliance is important because it gives a child confidence and creates a positive self-image. This stimulates the child to learn even more.

For every age

When all the children are dressed we go outside. When we play on the backyard, the children run directly to the shed to get the bikes out. All children choose a bicycle and immediately cycle on it. There are tricycles, walking bikes and cars. There is something to choose for every age.

Playing outside stimulates the development of children

By playing outside, the children learn various skills such as social and communication skills. In addition, gross motor development is also stimulated by cycling, climbing and running.

There are no bicycles on the forecourt, but the children always find something to do. The children are encouraged to use their own creativity and imagination. In the forecourt, the children run after each other, they play with the ball or walk across the couch and then jump off.

The children love to play outside. They get a breath of fresh air, move, learn, develop and can release their energy.

Joyce Strijdonck
pedagogical employee at the Stampers (0 – 4 years old)