Celebrate birthday!

Celebrate birthday!

We celebrate children’s birthdays exuberantly at 10forKIDS! Because yes, it is something that a child can look forward to enormously. And say for yourself: who has not counted the nights down till the big day in the past! We understand that very well and that is why we like to celebrate it with your child. We do this at our childcare (0-4 years) and after school care (4-12 years). How do we help the children to feel special on this day? How do we make sure to make this day an unforgettable day ..? We let you watch ..:

The celebration

First of all, we are going to provide a great party atmosphere! We encourage the children to enjoy the day with the birthday boy or girl by singing for them and giving them special attention. All children are encouraged to celebrate together with the birthday boy or girl. We congratulate the birthday boy or girl with songs and visual gestures. We want to give the birthday boy or girl the feeling that they are very important and that they can experience that by just letting everything happen. The special attention is sometimes quite exciting for the child. We would like to give them the feeling that we understand that, whereby we also indicate: enjoy it! You can feel very happy and special, because that is your birthday too! The birthday crown is put on and the child can sit on the table! We sing the birthday song in different languages and let the children choose which birthday song they want to sing (there may be quite a few😉). And then … time for a treat. To top it all off, the child can choose a gift from a special birthday barrel. The child has a surprise day. Because celebrating a birthday is special and you can feel really special. We also express our gratitude to the Lord God, we are grateful for the new year of life.


Some children love to treat something tasty. Others find it exciting, we help them to find it less exciting. We give them every opportunity to do so. Your child can make a treat bag (goodie bag) or make a tasty cake / cupcake. Usually this is provided by the parent. In addition to all the decorations that we have made or make together with the children, the birthday boy or girl also gets a real birthday crown on his or her head. There is a birthday calendar in the room with all the birthdays of the children on it. The calendar is made with a row of paper balloons with a picture of your child and the date of birth. That way we can see when your child’s birthday is. We say the birthday date out loud and count the nights with the kids. Together we prepare them for this special day. The great thing about this is that we teach them in which month they were born and mention the annual season. A few days before the big day arrives, we will mention it even more and we will prepare them for this special day.

Nine years of 10forKIDS

On April 1, we celebrated our nine-year anniversary at 10forKIDS. We feel richly blessed with so much confidence from you as a parent and with so many lovely children around us. We see that we grow and we are grateful to God for that. With God’s help everything is possible and we hope to be able to continue with this beautiful work for years.