How do you prepare your child for primary school?

Is childcare a good preparation for primary school?

As soon as your child is four years old, it can go to school. The big school… that sounds very exciting for a child. To ease the tension, it is nice if the child is prepared for this. This can be done, for example, by letting your child go to toddler care. We see that more and more children have gained experience in daycare or toddler care before going to primary school. This already gives the child a good dose of self-confidence.

How can toddler care contribute to a good preparation for kindergarten?

At the toddler care center, your child comes into contact with other children. Together they playfully work on language development, math skills, musical development and the child also learns a lot on the social emotional level. For example, being able to sit still for a while, during the moment when we sit in a circle and are talking to each other. If you want to ask for something  you raise your hand. The fact that a program is followed means that you cannot just do everything you feel like doing. Continuous explanation and discussing things with each other provides an expansion of vocabulary.

Is toddler care also suitable for children who do not speak the Dutch language?

For children who do not speak the Dutch language at home (children of expats) it is extra important that they go to daycare at a young age. In this way they learn a lot of new words in a short time and any delays in language development are made up. In The Hague and Vlaardingen we have children with different backgrounds and nationalities.

Are children of parents who are not Christian, or who are neutral in this respect, also welcome?

We are a childcare with a Christian identity. This means that we have a daily conversation with children about God and who Jesus means to us. We do this by reading the Bible with the children, praying and singing Christian songs. Everyone is welcome with us. That everyone feels welcome is also reflected in the diversity of children. That is very nice to see.