After-school care

Why is small-scale after school care good for your child?

In addition to childcare (0 – 4 years), we also offer afterschool care in The Hague and Vlaardingen. Here the children come to play with us after school. The children therefore all have a primary school age (4-12 years). Our afterschool care is very small. This is quite unique for a childcare that is housed in a school. We see that the large childcare centers take care of many children in a building. 10forKIDS is distinctive in this. We are small-scale and that feels familiar and pleasant for the children. There is a lot of personal contact and the children are given a say in the form of activities and what they themselves would like to see in certain types of toys or activities in their spare time.

What makes after school care different from school?

When agreeing on what will be done that afternoon at the ASC, children learn to negotiate with each other, by first listening carefully to each other. What do you want and what do I want? The children learn to debate early. That helps a child to form an opinion. Also that you cannot do it alone, but that you need each other to have a good time. Having fun together and you learn to build true friendships. The environment at school is slightly different from after-school care, where it concerns activities in spare time, doing things that you need that moment. This ranges from quietly reading a donald duck on the couch to creating a work of art together.

What is the advantage of after school care?

Of course you can take care of your children at home after school. Only then will it often miss a playmate or you have to organize it yourself (you bring and pick up the children again). That costs a lot of time. For children it is always the question whether it will work. Now we take care of that part and we ensure that your child can always play with other children. It feels seen and appreciated and the amount of organized activities means that a child never has to get bored.