Why is toddler care good for your child?

What advantage does it have for your child that our childcare is located in a school?

At our daycare centers in The Hague and Vlaardingen, we see that the teachers are paying a lot of attention to the preparation of the toddler for primary school. Because both locations are located in a primary school, the step is small. The toddlers know the building and the teachers and other kids from school, because they walk through the same hallway.  This creates trust and ensures that the transition to the large school is less drastic for the child.

What does your child learn at our toddler care?

We see that children grow enormously during the entire childcare period. They become more independent and separate from the parents. Are they sometimes wait-and-see in the beginning and like to stand outside watching other children playing, as soon as they have more self-confidence, the child really comes into its own. Nice to see! By interacting with other children they learn (or the teacher teaches them) to stand up for themselves, to love their neighbor, to seek the good for themselves but also for the other. Make choices and sometimes you not only choose for yourself, but together you go for the best option. By sharing toys, for example.

Why is toddler care a good preparation for primary school for your child?

Making your child more resilient to society is something that fits well with toddler care. Not the law of the fittest applies, but the law of justice. And we like to teach the children what that means. We also teach the children which behavior we would rather not see. Bite, hit, and act against other children. We do not. In addition, toddler care offers structure and rhythm. Today to daycare again: playing and learning! In short, good preparation for Roosevelt Jopie’s first primary school starts with childcare! Day-care…? It is so much more than childcare. It is everything that belongs to a good prelude to primary school. You wish that every child.