When is the best time to start childcare?

What is the best decision for your child: starting childcare when your child is a baby or toddler?

We offer small-scale childcare in The Hague and Vlaardingen. You can start childcare when your child is three months old. At three months, shyness does not play a major role. This is great for the baby, and with the right love, attention and structure, it quickly feels at ease. Sometimes we have children who start childcare from toddler age (two years). It is possible that these children are really starting childcare for the first time, then they are really ready for it. Children from the age of two can join our toddler care group in the morning.

Why does 10forKIDS use a minimum purchase of a day or two mornings?

The minimum is a day or two mornings. Coming less (for example half a day) is not so nice for the child. It takes longer to get used to go to the daycare and it is actually too short to monitor your child’s development properly. Children really enjoy childcare when there is familiarity and structure.
Children really enjoy childcare when there is familiarity and structure. This is better achieved if a child goes to daycare regularly and not just for a few hours a week.

Why toddler care is good for the development of your child?

At the toddler care a child is learning many new skills, such as sharing toys, waiting your turn and being able to listen to the teacher and accept an assignments from the teacher. A toddler almost becomes more and more interested in playing with other children. Children who do not have a brother or sister at home can still enjoy playing together with other children at the daycare. That is why toddler care is so much fun for these children! There are many social aspects involved and it offers a great start to primary school!