To what extent does childcare contribute to the development of your child’s identity …?

In my blog more information about… childcare and development of the child’s identity. To what extent does childcare contribute to the development of your child’s identity …? That is quite an interesting one… just read:

Start identity development

When we think of the identity development of children, we see that a child develops its own personality at a very young age. It already starts with toddlers. The toddler will discover that they are a person themselves, with their own thoughts and feelings. This whole process is about developing their own identity. They start asking themselves: who am I, but above all what do I want. When the child gets older, it gets more influences from outside. This includes friendships, classmates and external educators.

A safe and loving environment

We at 10forKIDS are aware that we have a major influence on their identity development. Not only on an individual level, but also on a group level. It is important to offer safety by giving a lot of love. This makes the child feel appreciated and feel seen and heard. This provides the freedom and confidence to let the child be who it wants to be. This also means that we respect the autonomy and pace of development of each child. To give a child the necessary space to make mistakes.

Christian and identity

As a Christian childcare, we ensure that children can find their own identity in the love of God. From a human and Christian worldview we want kids allow the meaning of life to experience and act from there. Having a relationship with God is a wonderful thing and children are allowed to experience and share it in their own way.

Childcare supports in making the right choices

When children get older and go to school, the development of their identity is even more present. We see that children at the afterschool care are exploring their own identity on a daily basis.We support them in this as much as possible: by letting them decide for themselves, what they would like to do and so on. This stimulates development to make targeted choices. “What do I want to spend my time with and with whom?” They choose friends and learn to associate with others.

Every day we have a special moment as group. We sit in a circle and reflect a Bible story. Adapted to the story, we teach the children how to use the Christian values and norms in our daily life. For example, we can offer support in making the right choices. How do we deal with each other without putting our own opinions aside? How do we alternate serving and distraction? For example, we teach the children obedience by telling the stories of Abraham, compliance as Jesus teaches us and to follow Him as a disciple.

In short, we think your child is very valuable and unique. With all the knowledge we have, we would like to support your children and especially see them flourish into independent and loving children. That is precisely what I think the beauty of this work in childcare is.

Best regards, Annelies