Tomorrow? Tomorrow I also work at home… ..

Some of us have been working at home for 10 months now. That is not easy. In March 2020 with the first lockdown, the request to work at home temporarily. It was not clear what this really meant for the future. Fortunately, because if you had known in advance what is involved in this ?!


Organizing a workplace was the number one challenge. What creativity is sometimes involved here. The walk-in closet was transformed into a workplace, but just buy an extra WIFI point … The laptop is now open on the shelf where cans of soup were previously stored. Some of us put a new wallpaper on the walls, because well with all that online meetings you also want to show an inspiring background. It is secretly nice to receive comments such as: hey where are you actually😉. Anyway, the walk-in closet is still not an office.

The biggest challenge

The biggest challenge that has been added is the emergency care for the children… at home! With the temporary closure of the schools, the children are at home. Sometimes that is really not funny, because how do you get the work done when children are playing around you just when you have your colleague on the phone. Screams in the house: ma-ham! I have finished the math. Will you check it? Can I have a biscuit? I do not understand the explanation… Well, we understand that better than anyone.

Temporarily day care

Would you therefore (temporarily) make use of day care, toddler care (morning care) or after school care? Then contact us. We are happy to help and support you! It may also be a temporary contract. We use a notice period of one month. So you can always cancel at your time.