What does childcare with Christian identity mean for 10forKIDS?

Childcare with a Christian identity, that is what 10forKIDS offers. But what does that mean? Is childcare only accessible for children with a Christian background? And how does 10forKIDS implement this in practice. In this article we would like to tell you something more about it.

At 10forKIDS we work from a Christian vision on life. The employees get their inspiration from this. Dealing with questions in life has a Christian basis with the Bible as its starting point. Employees of 10forKIDS do not want to be intrusive or learning, but would like to give more explanation to this vision.

What can you expect from Christian childcare?

What do you and your children notice that 10forKIDS works from the Christian identity? We teach the children that God loves them and cares for them. We read from the children’s Bible and we pray together with the children. We work with everyday themes but sometimes also with Biblical themes. In addition to the usual children’s songs, we also sing Christian songs.

For whom is Christian childcare suitable?

We think it is important that all children and parents feel welcome at 10forKIDS. Parents who are not Christian or who are neutral on this are also very welcome. Practice shows that about sixty percent of our parents have a neutral background. We are very pleased that everyone feels at home at 10forKIDS.

Where does 10forKIDS offer Christian childcare?

10forKIDS offers childcare in the beautiful Statenkwartier in the Hague, where many expats also enjoy our services. 10forKIDS is also located in the green Westwijk in Vlaardingen. In the meanwhile both Christian and non-Christian parents know how to find their way to 10forKIDS. We wish you a warm welcome!