ASC Workshops

The school year of 2017-2018 has alread started. Following the first successful workshop program
we will present you the program for the next six months. Like last time, these workshops are also
linked to topics such as:

Nature & Technology
Drama & Music
Art & Creativity
Sport & Games

What has changed?
The way we offer the workshops has been changed. Registration is no longer required. The
teachers will offer the workshops every week, so everyone can participate in the activities.
The workshops are organized per week. Every week we will work with a new theme. The
overarching theme is: Fox and Hare.

All the activities we do are based on chapters from the book: The big book of Haas. Haas is simply Haas. But he did all kinds of adventures. The children will go on an adventure.

The autumn holidays program is also added to this workshop list. The children can choose which activity they want to do every day.