Do you want have my bread crust?

Children are often eating their bread crusts reluctantly. The bread crusts have a stronger taste. Children must get used to the taste. Did you know that a child needs to taste food 10 to 15 times before they appreciate it?

What are bread crusts really good for?
Crusty food stimulates chewing. Strong mouth and chewing muscles are important for speaking. Young children often find crusts delicious, because it helps to prevent itching and aching during teething.

Furthermore, there are more antioxidants in a bread crust compared to the rest of the bread. But those antioxidants, for example, are also in broccoli or carrots.
Dark burned crusts, however, are not healthy.

It is better not to argue a lot about eating food with your kids. This will make everyone more relaxed while eating. You cannot force a child to eat bread crumbs. Often it is a phase. Which parent does not eat crusts? 🙂 It is important to realize what you really think is important in the upbringing of a child.