Humor in the upbringing of a child

Children are humorous! They love to make jokes. As a parent, it is fun to make jokes as well.Children are laughing more than adults. They laugh 300 times a day about something, while we as adults often cannot laugh 20 or 30 times a day.

It’s important to laugh together. Of course, we must have rules and keep our borders being an educator. But joking, playing and giggling together helps to let go of difficult situations and see it into perspective. It can work both for children and adults that way.

You can use humor consciously in your upbringing. Two examples are:

– A mother says: “Come down now. I’m tired of it, I have called you three times now. We are going to eat.”

– Another mother says: “Your dinner is ready princess. Would you use your silverware?”

Chances are bigger that the second mother gets her child faster at the table than the mother who calls angry that the child should be eating. Being angry causes often resistance, while a good sense of humor often leads to cooperation.


In short, humor is very usefull for the upbringing of a child.?