“Hurray Bas!”

The theme of this January and February is about celebration, “Hurray Bas.”

What do we learn from this theme?

We are learning the letter F of Feast and these words:

Nederlands Engels
Feest Feast
Muziek Music
Taart Cake
Verjaardagshoed Birthday hat
Ballonnen Balloons
Traktatie Treat
Spelletjes Games
Cadeau Gift
Slingers Garlands
Visite Visit
Verjaardag Birthday
Kaarsen Candles
Uitblazen Blow
Verlanglijst Wishlist
Hand Hand
Dankjewel Thank you
Alsjeblieft Please

We also learn to recognize the following colors: red, yellow, blue, green, pink and orange.

To test our senses we will blindfolded feel, taste and hear:
– Feel a balloon;
– Tasting juice ;
– Hearing a drum sound.

We are learning these song:
Verjaardag is een fijne dag
O wat zijn we heden blij
Verjaardagslied opwekking 94 voor kinderen
Psalm 134:3: Dat ‘s HEEREN zegen op u daal’
Happy birthday
Er is er een jarig
De kop van de kat is jarig

We also include learning values and celebration during the theme. Being polite, say thank you and please say if you get something.

We are learning to give a hand when someone is celebrating his birthday, our right hand.

We will make crafts, bake pies and will play some games around the theme party.

In short, this theme is a big party;)