Now it’s time to clean up:)

Children don’t make a mess on purpose. This often happens unconsciously during their game. When a child wants to play with certain toys, he is going to look for it. That is why your child sometimes makes a mess.

Tidying up seems something tedious, but that is not the truth. Tip: Do it together with your child. You can store everything together in an orderly way and remember together where the toy is. Make a game out of it: “First we’ll put all the red blocks in the box. .. And who tidies up the most? ”

Toddlers have a short attention span. In other words, they have little concentration. This causes toddlers to be distracted or bored quickly. You can teach your toddler that you have to clean up first and then you can grab another toy.

Cleaning up everything at once often fails. Give small assignments to your child. They are feasible and give your child satisfaction when they succeed. For example, the blocks go back in the box and the doll in the cart. Give compliments after each successful cleanup job.

At 10forKIDS we always sing a song for cleaning up:

 “Now it’s time to clean up,
to clean, to clean up.
Now it’s time to clean up,
because we’ll have dinner. “