Handing over to… Henrike!

How exciting that it is my turn for an interview! I have been working at 10forKIDS since April 2012. I work in the Stampers group on Monday, Tuesday and Friday (morning).

What do I like most about my job? I really enjoy teaching children something… like a new song, or how to put on their jacket. That is really satisfying to me.
My favorite things to do in the group is crafting and language activities. I enjoy doing this with a small group of children because they enjoy the personal attention and I try to stimulate their development (like fine motor skills or vocabulary) during the activity. I also value diversity.

Funny or serious? Funny! Though I can also be serious at times.
Thinker or Doer? Doer!
Laughing or Dreaming? Laughing, of course!

I also love fixing the children’s hair after nap time… I enjoy braiding the girls hair and giving the boys a spiky look. I always hope that their hair has not been made yet when I return from my break so that I can do it!

I also love doing some extra tasks alongside my responsibilities on the group. I currently keep track of our care products like the diapers etc, and order more when needed. Another task I enjoy doing is working out the yearly themes for all the activities we do. In the past I also organised reading activities with the children of the Eben Haezerschool. I love organizing things, I also organise a project week. It gives me such a boost to be working together, crafting around a certain theme and seeing the fantastic results.

Can you think of a funny anecdote of a child? I once fixed a boys hair to look nice and spiky, very boyish… and then the boy’s sister walked by and and disgustingly said: “he is not a hedgehog!”

In the coming period we will have our mentor meetings with the parents again. How do you ‘observe’ a child? We have forms that we use to fill out the developmental areas. For each mentor child we add what we see in their development.

Do you have a tip for the parents regarding the development of a child?
I don’t really have a tip but rather a remark. For us as teachers it is really nice to hear when a child has made a step in his/her development at home, like when he said his first word, or that she jumped for the first time. It is good for us to know this so that we can also further stimulate the development of it.

Thank you for this interview!