This week in ABC English & Me, your child:

• Reviewed greetings in English and learned how to say: “That’s a nice (t-shirt). Is it (red)?” and respond “Yes” or “No”.
• Drove a little toy car on a “trip” across the floor, on his toes, on his knees, and on his nose!
• Played a high-energy game called “Red Light, Green Light” where she learned to “stop!” and “go!” along with the music.
• Listened to an English rhyme about cows of different colors—black, spotted, red, and brown.
• Looked at all the colors on a “color wheel” and learned a song about these colors: purple, yellow, and green.
• Did hand motions to a song about the colors in a rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple—I see the rain, and the sun, and a rainbow!”
• Listened to an interactive story called What’s the Weather Like Today? about animals, weather, and colors.
• Sang the familiar Good-bye song with our puppet friend Frog.